Studying in Adelaide

Adelaide is the capital city of the state of South Australia and one of the most liveable cities in the world.

Our universities and education institutions are internationally-recognised for their high standards in education excellence. As leaders in research and innovation, our hero universities rank within the top two per cent of the world’s universities. We create well-rounded, highly-accomplished individuals. These include numerous Nobel Laureates, Rhodes Scholars, and Fulbright Scholars, who have had a positive impact on our world.

Adelaide is known for our innovation and smarts and for producing brands that are recognised around the world. Our niche in these three areas is not just from an education standpoint. It runs deep, from family business through to education, industry, and all are interwoven. We have strong links with South Australian companies. This gives local businesses access to fresh thinking and talent. Students get real-world experience and enhanced career opportunities. Our immersion approach between industry and education creates results.

We are known as the friendly state. South Australians genuinely care. We say hello in the street, we support each other in our endeavours and we believe in community. Why? Perhaps it’s because we have such a liveable city. Space, physical beauty, and affordability are a recipe for happier people. We carry this ethos of care through the complete life-cycle of our students.

About Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide is the capital city of the state of South Australia and according to The Economist Intelligence Unit is the fifth most liveable city in the world. The City of Adelaide has the fastest internet speeds in Australia offering a high-speed network 10x faster than the National Broadband Network.

South Australia’s economy is growing rapidly with a diverse range of industry sectors and low unemployment.

Known as the 20-minute city, Adelaide is easy to get around. The airport is only a 15-minute drive from the CBD and an extensive train, tram and bus system provides public transport for the city’s 1.36 million residents. International students enjoy the same public transport discounts as local students.

According to the EIU Cost of Living Report 2018, Adelaide is 16 per cent more affordable than Sydney and 13 per cent more affordable than Melbourne, making it the best value capital city in Australia.

Emerging industries in Adelaide

There are five high industry sectors in Adelaide, South Australia that are driving jobs growth both now and into the future. These industries include Engineering, Health and Life Sciences, Energy, Creative Services & High Technology and Food, Wine, Tourism & Hospitality.

In the Engineering sector, multi-billion shipbuilding contracts and large infrastructure projects will drive demand for engineering professionals for decades to come.

In the energy sector, more than AUD $550 million is being invested in energy generation projects including renewable energy, boosting competition and providing jobs for the future.

The health and life sciences sector has a wide variety of jobs on offer and demand for skilled workers will increase rapidly over the next few years. The introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme alone is expected to create more than 6,000 jobs alone.

Adelaide is undergoing an economic transformation and developing strengths in high-tech industries, creating the smart skills and jobs that are needed for the future. The ability to innovate, quickly adopt new ways of doing things, and using advanced technologies is central to the future prosperity of the city.

The food, wine, tourism and hospitality sector is rapidly expanding with many new hotels and tourism developments currently under construction including SofitelWestin Adelaide Casino, and Crowne Plaza).

Student Accommodation in Adelaide

Adelaide has the lowest median rent in Australia (source, and there are many high-quality, affordable accommodation options within walking distance of all major institutions. Types of accommodation available in Adelaide include student apartmentsresidential colleges university-managed accommodation student hostels managed houses and many other options.

The number of student accommodation properties continues to grow with Urbanest and Atira opening new properties, and dwell Student LivingWee Hur and Hines Property.