Studying in America

American education is considered one of the most advanced education system in the world, where equality of education and training are shared to every individual. Additionally, with the flexible and various of schools, programs and location that maximize and enlarge students’ choices, according to Studyusa.

Born to support Vietnamese students to successfully succeed in their education journey, the Talk Study, powered by Cturtle – The Market Network for International Education & Employment, implemented free direct talk with our expert in visa training section for all clients who wish to achieve higher education in the United States of America. With Us, each students are significant and together, we tailor-made your study plan.

With our 26 years + of recruiting experience, global alumni and business partners, and our high-tech platform, we pride our consulting are based on real data & reviews. Our services included:

  • Guiding conditions of studying in the US
  • Counseling on choosing a school, choosing a school suitable for students’ abilities and interests
  • Advising on passport, learning environments, places of residence and culture where you study and live in the United States.
  • Instructions to prove financial
  • Applying for I-20 (admission letter) from the school
  • Training separate interview questions for each profile
  • Practicing mock- interviews with our Founder and Co-Founder
  • Support airport transfer when you go to the US

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