US visa interview tips & tricks

When you start counting down every single days and, having your document ready to Visa interview, the feeling of panic attack and anxiety overwhelmed yourself. That’s right, your interview date is coming very soon.
Whether it is your first interview, you will be a professional, it never hurts to try on these etiquette basics. Therefore, go along with these rules of thumb for making all the right moves before, during, and after the interview, and you’re sure to shine like an angel.

1. Researching

Make sure you understand about your choices and be able to connect ideas to one another. Generally , visa officers seem not interested in candidates who have zero knowledge about designated school, intended major, accommodation etc. The more you prepare, the better. Because this shows how mature and well-equipped you are to adjust to new life in a foreign country. Therefore, candidates need to review the school’s website, Google, and, if you have an experience overseas organization to guide you through visa process, you are half-way to your success.

2. Rehearsing

There are many frequently asked questions during an interview like the following:

– Why do you study abroad?

– Have you ever traveled abroad?

– Why do you choose this specific school/ institute?

– What will you do after graduation?

– Who will sponsor for your study?

– Do you have relatives in America?

So, be prepared with insightful knowledge and applicable skills for these classical questions. Practice with as many people as possible, if yes, then why not practicing English for conversation with foreigners? Looking in the mirror and answering the questions out loud is also a great way to sharpen your self-study. This prep work will help you link your thoughts and perhaps new ideas may approach you whilst practicing.

3. The first 05 second myth

This is when you are in queue, waiting for your turn to shine.

starting with a friendly and warm smile ever since you see the consular is available for you. Because an interview section is a tough and high-pressure situation, when visa officer have to make a quick “Yes” or “No” to your application. As the result, learning how to present yourself confidently and naturally is crucial.

Interviewing is a lot easier and worth a try, if you you know the “HOW?” in every given questions. But dont worry, we are here to help you.

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