Is ESL course recommended for international students?

What is ESL courses?

ESL is the abbreviation of English as a Second Language (ESL), sometimes being called English as a Foreign Language (EFL), which is a kick-start language preparation for individuals whose English is not their mother tongue and for those who want to improve their English language skills for general and academic purposes. The goal of ESL programs is to help students improve their level of English at first. And it is true that different classes leads language learners to different language skills improvement, depending on current entry levels, needs and goals of the students, but all and all, they aim to conversational English, grammar, reading, listening comprehension, writing, and vocabulary. And, if students have reached to certain English standard that they are comfortable for a big jump into academic world, then here they are with English in used for Business, Scientific, Tech, Medicine, Engineer fields.

Why Study ESL?

There are many benefits to studying ESL including:

  • Consolidates and prepares you to study at your coming college or university studies, no matter which country you will land on
  • Helps you improve your scores on any English language exam (IELTS, TOEFL, TOEFL iBT, PET, iTEP, CAE) you may need for a degree accomplishment or apply for an internship/ scholarship
  • Fill in a gap period/ school break
  • Teaches you about the culture and customs of your host country
  • Helps you meet up new people, and gets to know different nationalities whilst ESL class hours
  • Potentially widen your networking

Where to Study ESL?

Do you want to learn English? We have built our searchable database of ESL programs from all around the world so you can easily find a great program. Organized by states, courses, entry requirements, and costs for the rest of the world, we have all the information you will need to find the right ESL school for you.