First Stage to America

“Can I study in America as a foreign student? and, “should I obtain a student visa to remain legal status in the states?”. The answers are YES, every people deserve a good education and the ability to access to the world top training opportunities in the United States, and regardless what nationalities they were born with. Applying for a US student visa (F and M) can be the first step before your new journey as an international student in America begun.

The F1 Visa process relatively takes time to complete, and effort to make sure things are accurate and on time; therefore, it is better to involve 3 to 6 months before every course due to start, and do not forget to check with US Embassy’s website or the nearest Consulate General Office. Per, I20 stands for “Certificate of Eligibility for Non-immigration Student Status”, granted by Designated School Official (DSO). As its importance, prospective students are able to be familiarizes with I20 form, which is considered as the first stage when applying for this non-immigration visa to enter America hereinafter.

This is subject to change depend on how much it will cost and how long you will get your I20,, however, ever since your application is accepted, you have broken through the first stage to your new journey. It is time to process the next step to make your studying abroad dream become reality.

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