Study High School in Canada

From beautiful, vibrant cities like Toronto and Montreal, to stunning regions like British Columbia and Newfoundland, Canada’s beauty is evident throughout the country. Canadians are friendly, well-educated, and provide excellent hospitality — and Canada’s public, private, and boarding schools provide ample opportunity for international students in and out of the classroom.

With the world’s highest proportion of working-age adults that have been through higher education, the BBC has labelled Canada an “education superpower.” Canadian education is largely focused on equity — not only do international students often perform just as well as their Canadian peers, but teaching in Canada is a very selective profession, and teachers are paid quite well. All that in mind, it’s no surprise that Canada is a fantastic place to study high school.

Here are some reasons international students choose to study in Canada:

  • It’s a safe, welcoming country
  • Students can study multiple years at a public high school
  • It has welcoming host families
  • There are stunning natural views and beautiful cities
  • International students in Canada receive incredible support

Schools and Host Families

International students attend Canadian public and private schools as fully supported students and pay a fee to the school for their tuition. Due to this tuition fee, international students can enjoy the same rights regarding subjects, arts, activities, and graduation as Canadian students and even get extra support for ESL and cultural adaptation. Our students stay with host families in the local community. Host families are paid a stipend for hosting, and Educatius Group or a local school partner handles the screening, placement, and supervision of host families before and during the program. 

Canada is a multicultural place, and therefore our host families may have varied backgrounds but all speak English as their primary language at home, provide a safe and welcoming environment and have a strong desire to welcome a foreign student and help them experience their Canadian culture.

Want to learn more about Canadian High School partners accepting international students? Check out our Canadian High Schools List for more details!

Who Can Attend

International students aged 14-19 are eligible to study at high school in Canada. All students must have and maintain a passing grade point average as well as a level of maturity and motivation to study abroad. Some schools have intensive English as a Second Language support and will allow students to enter with no English ability — although some individual schools will require students to possess a higher level of English skills (equivalent to a ELTiS 225). We will guide students with a lower level of English to the appropriate school to support them.

International students can and are encouraged to study from short term stays (3 months*) to multiple years in Public or Private school in Canada.


The application deadline for the fall and spring is flexible, and is actually dependent on the ease of getting a visa from your home country. And some specific schools will fill up sooner than our overall deadline. However, in general the application deadline to start in February is around November 30, and the deadline to start school in the fall is June 30. The sooner you submit your application, the better chance you will have of getting your first school or district choice.


The program fees vary depending on the district/school that a student chooses.

Prices include:

  • High school match and placement (tuition)
  • Single room placement in a host family and support
  • Host family accommodation on full board basis**
  • Custodianship and supervision by Educatius Group officials during the program
  • Provide guidance and information on visa/study permit application process
  • Airport meet and greet***
  • Health Insurance

*Short term (3 month is not available at all schools) Please send an inquiry for students interested in the short term program.
**Students are provided with breakfast, and dinner. Students may bring lunches from home to eat at school, but are otherwise responsible for buying their own school lunches if they prefer to eat from the school cafeteria.
***All students are picked up at the airport by their host family or an Educatius Group representative on arrival.