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Where are you getting your study abroad advice?

Choose your university and course based on international student job data and satisfaction levels.


Your choice of university and course will be the most important factor in your future career.

Talk Study can help you decide which university is best for you based on;


(1) Graduate & Alumni Income

(2) Alumni Satisfaction

(3) Return on Investment

(4) Safety in Country


Is your university recommended by alumni?


Does you course lead to a great job?


Will your university and course lead to a great career? Are you choosing the best university for you? Do graduates of your university get great jobs? Will your university give you access to internships?


Talk Study can help you answer all these questions and many more on your choice of university and course.

Graduate & Alumni Income

Find out what graduates and alumni earn based on the university they studied, the course they studied and the country they work in.

Our research includes:

  • Graduate Job Income (By University)
  • Graduate Job Income (By Course)
  • Graduate Job Income (By Country)
  • Alumni Job Income (By University)
  • Alumni Job Income (By University)
  • Alumni Job Income (By University)
  • Salary Increase by years After Graduation
  • Top Industries that are Stable
  • Alumni Who Stay in Industry of Study
  • Access to Part Time Job While a Student
  • Support in Finding Part Time Job in CoE
  • Salary Increase by CoE

Alumni Satisfaction

Find out if previous international students and alumni recommend the university you are considering. Are alumni satisfied with the university is a critical factor to choosing which university to study.

Our research includes:

  • Positive Experience as International Student
  • Overall Cost of Living
  • Sense of Feeling Welcome in the Country
  • Job Opportunities While a Student
  • Quality of Teachers & Lecturers
  • Treated Equally as an International Student
  • Access to Social Events
  • University Career Support
  • Access to University Career Fairs
  • Post Study Work Rights
  • Education Had a Positive Effect on Career
  • Support from Alumni Association

Return on Investment

Find out what past international students and alumni think of the Return on Investment from the costs involved with study abroad. Find out which universities and courses provide the best return on investment.

Our research includes:
  • Overall Return on Investment
  • Career Support After Graduation
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) for University
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) for Country
  • Job Opportunities Related to Field of Study
  • Job Opportunities After Graduation
  • Ability to Work While Studying
  • Job Opportunities While Studying
  • Average Income (Currently)
  • Average Income (First Job)
  • Home Country Alumni Support

Safety in Country

Find out about safety in the country of education based on the experience of previous international students and alumni.

Our research includes:

  • Safety in Country of Education
  • Safety on University Campus
  • Access to Medical Services
  • Access to Mental Health Services
  • Safety on Public Transport
  • Overall Sense of Feeling Welcome