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General Questions

What should I use Talk Study?

Talk Study provides study abroad advice based on data.

We have a unique insight into choosing the perfect university and course for your future career based on over 300,000+ international student and alumni job data and university reviews.

How do I get Talk Study study abroad advice?

If you need advice based on alumni employment data & reviews, you will need to contact our counselors by hotline: +84 704 644 764, skype: trangnkp14 or email: trang@talkstudy.

Does it Cost Anything to use Talk Study?

After your first FREE consultation you will need to pay a fully refundable deposit to Talk Study to use our services. The deposit shows your commitment to wanting to study abroad and to using Talk Study as your study abroad agent.

What should I prepare when I first come to Talk Study office?

To best advice your study options, bringing notarized copy and original document is highly recommended.

  1. Transcript & qualification of the most recent 3 years
  2. IETLS/TOEFL/GMAT/SAT or international certificates
  3. Sponsor’s financial document
  4.  Proof of assets and related properties
  5. Working experience document (if available)

Can you help with my university admission?

Talk Study works with the top 500+ universities in the world and can help you choose the best university and course for your future.

Can I apply for more than one visa at the same time?

It depends on many factors, it is best if you let our counselors know as this is case-by-case difference.

My parents want to visit me, while I am studying in a foreign country, can you help them apply for visitor visa?

Yes, our team can assist your family members on visa processing, booking flight, buying right insurance package etc. Please contact our counsellors for more advice and support.

Can you instruct me on how to interview with the US visa officer?

Yes, as interview training section is a part of visa processing particularly to America, our experts will be there with you along the way.

When will the interview training begin and last?

Our training section is personalized based on each student’s needs, language capacity and timetable, therefore it may begin when contract signed and will not last until 01 day before your interview appointment.

As a student and after graduation can you support me to apply for jobs and internships?

Yes! Talk Study is part of Cturtle – the employment network for international students and alumni. We work with the very best global companies and can help in all ares of your employment from internships, graduate jobs to experienced alumni positions.


How much cost should I prepare to study abroad?

For many international students, the cost of studying is a big concern. If you’re worried about how you can pay for those big one-off expenses such as tuition fees, airfares and insurance, as well as day-to-day living expenses, this article has the answers.

Why should I study abroad?

What are the top countries for my overseas education?

“The 2019 Best Countries rankings, formed in partnership with BAV Group, a unit of global marketing communications company VMLY&R, and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, are based on a study that surveyed more than 20,000 global citizens from four regions to assess perceptions of 80 countries on 75 different metrics”, according to U.S. News

Can you recommend me a good place to stay in a foreign country?

We understand that international students need a place to rest and enjoy student lives after a busy day at school. By this reason, we are happy to advice you the best housing options, based on your needs. Please visit housing in foreign countries for more information.

What is Cturtle?

“Sea Turtle” is an affectionate name given to international students who
return to home countries after graduation.

Cturtle is student data driven and student employment outcome focused.

Over years, the brand is The Market Network for International Education and Employment that connect students, alumni, universities and employers.

What is the motivation to publish ISEOS report?

We believe that when education transcends borders, it opens minds, enabling people to go beyond building connections to solving global problems together. Our vision is a peaceful, equitable world enriched through shared educational experiences, greater understanding between people and cultures and meaningful careers.

The research reports are ideal for universities, government stakeholders and policy makers interested in satisfaction for current and future international students and provides comparison between the leading study destinations and student origin countries.

What is Bachelor's Degree?

Bachelor’s Degree: This is one of the most frequently used terms related to Higher Education. It is usually an undergraduate academic degree awarded for a course or major that generally lasts three or four years. (Note that some postgraduate degrees are entitled Bachelor of …, e.g. Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University’s Bachelor of Philosophy.

What is Master's Degree?

Master: It is an academic degree usually awarded for completion of a postgraduate or graduate course of one to three years in duration. In the UK it is sometimes awarded for an undergraduate course whose final year consists of higher-level courses and a major research project. In the recent standardized European system of higher education diplomas, it corresponds to a two-year graduate program to be entered after three years of undergraduate studies and in preparation for either high-qualification employment or for doctoral studies.

What is Doctorate Degree?

Doctorate:  It is an academic degree of the highest level. Traditionally, the award of a doctorate implies recognition of the candidate as an equal by the university faculty under which he or she has studied. There are essentially three types of doctorates: research, first-professional (USA only), and honorary. Research doctorates are nearly always awarded in recognition of academic research that is of a publishable standard (even if not actually published) and represents at least a modest contribution to human knowledge. It is usually assessed by submission and defense of a doctoral thesis or dissertation, though in some cases a coherent body of published literature can be accepted instead. Honorary doctorates are awarded for a substantial contribution to a field but this need not be academic in character.

How much will it cost to study abroad?

The costs and fees related to studying overseas vary from destination to destination. Also, it depends on the program, the length of your stay, the accommodation, and how you prefer spending money on. This is case-by-case basis. For the best of costs, discuss your budget with your Talk Study counsellor and they’ll work with you for the best knowledge and experience.

What should I consider when choosing what and where to study?

  1. Thinking about your strengths and weaknesses then, match them with your career goals, while answering “what” and “where” to study abroad
  2. Doing in depth research encompassing courses, subjects, campus location, rankings and options for internships or employment opportunities either in foreign country or in your home land
  3. Calculating total length of study and cost living overseas.
  4. Asking yourself what kind of lifestyle you prefer enjoying – would you rather be a cosmopolitan international student, or a quiet country one? Would you choose a city where there are other students from your nationality than other areas? Do you want to be close to the beach, the forest or the desert? Do you want to live on or off campus? Would you feel like home while having dinner with a foreign host family?
  5. Being aware if you would like to stay in the country and work after your studies as migration policies changed fairly usual by government policies

When considering “what” and “where” to study, your Talk Study counsellor will match your academic performance, personal interests, your career goals and financial abilities with course information from more than 400 universities, colleges and schools. Your counsellor will guide you and answer your concerns on the courses, institutions and locations that best meet your preferences.

What if I can’t afford to study overseas?

For international students, available partial scholarships and bursaries are quite limited, depending on which major, schools, entry levels and date of enrollment. As the matter of fact, these programs are competitive. To be the chosen student, demonstrating exceptional academic achievements is the first requirement. Talk with your Talk Study counsellor about available partial scholarships and how your application stands out from other candidates.

Does it cost money to see a counsellor at Talk Study?

Our initial consulting services are free for parents and students. There is no cost to students to book an appointment with Talk Study either online of offline. There may be some small fees such as administration fees, or document verification fees. For more information, phone or speak to our hotline or complete our enquiry form HERE. Our team will contact you shortly.

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